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Establishments' Wage Structure and Distribution 2006 Survey Report


Within its continues efforts to build a reliable labour market information database, the LMRA in a close cooperation with the CIO has executed the first establishment and wage structure survey in the first quarter of 2006.

This type of survey is considered worldwide among the most acknowledged statical methods in tracking key labour market variables within the different economic activities and sectors.

The attached data tables provides, among others, Information concerning wage and salaries conditions, working hours within several economic activities and occupations groups.

The scope of beneficiaries from this data is wide: it ranges from researchers in different fields of the labour market, employers, workers and their organizations, to decision makers who strive to formulate evidence based policies.

The LMRA hopes that publishing the result of this survey will contribute towards applying the transparency principle within the labour market information, and will provide incentives for all concerned with labour market issues in shedding more light on key challenges faced in this important part of our socio-economic reality with the aim of formulating sound programs and policies fostering the development of our Kingdom.

Last Update: 20-03-2024.