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Order No (73) of 2007 With Respect to the Terms of Acceptance of Electronic Transactions By the Labour Market Regulatory Authority

Source: Labour Market Regulatory Authority

Minister of Labour, Chairman of Labour Market Regulatory Authority:

Having reviewed Legislative Decree No. (28) of 2002 on Electronic Transactions, as amended by Law No. (13) of 2006;
Law No. (19) of 2006 Concerning the Regulation of Labour Market;
Order No. (2) of 2006 Concerning the Technical Stipulations for Acceptance of Electronic Transactions by Public Entities; and
Upon submission by the Vice Chief Executive Officer, Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Labour Market Regulatory Authority

Orders as follows:

Article (1):

In implementing the provisions of this Order, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings shown in front of each, unless the context requires otherwise:
Authority: Labour Market Regulatory Authority.
Work Permit or Permit: A permit issued by the Authority according to the provisions of Law No. (19) of 2006 Concerning the Regulation of Labour Market, in respect of an employer hiring a foreign worker, appointed according to the terms and conditions specified in the permit.
Employer: Every natural or juristic person who employs one or more workers to perform a certain job in the Kingdom for a wage of any kind, fixed or variable cash or in kind, including any government authority, institution, public entity, company, office, enterprise or other private sector entities.
Electronic Record: A record issued, delivered, received, transmitted or saved by electronic means by utilizing electrical, magnetic, electromagnetic, visual, biometric, photonics means or any other similar form of technological methods.
Fees: The fees prescribed according to the provisions of Law No. (19) of 2006 Concerning the Regulation of Labour Market.
Residence Permit: A permit issued according to Foreigners Law (Immigration and Residence) of 1995, as amended, and the Order of the Minister of Interior in this regard.

Article (2):

The authority shall accept sending and receiving records in electronic form.

Article (3):

The scope and field of acceptance of sending and receiving electronic records and signatures shall be in the following limits:

  1. Request for issuing work permit, renewal and cancellation thereof.
  2. Request by a foreign employer to obtain a permit to practice a professional or economic activity that is prohibited without obtaining a permit from the Authority and renewal and cancellation thereof.
  3. Request by an employer to cancel delegation of a third party to act on its behalf in dealing with the Authority.
  4. Notice of acceptance or rejection of an application for a work permit, and practicing an economic or professional activity permit of a foreign employer.
  5. Displaying work permit information.
  6. Employer's request to change the profession of a foreign worker.
  7. Foreign worker’s request to work for another employer.
  8. Payment of the prescribed fees for a work permit.
  9. An application for residence permits for family members of a foreign worker or a foreign employer.
  10. Payment of the prescribed fees for residence permit.

Article (4):

The Authority shall accept electronic transactions with the following:

  1. Public entities.
  2. Employers or their representatives.

Article (5):

Hyper Text Markup Language/ HTML shall be used in the creation, sending, receiving, transmitting, and maintaining electronic records, referred to in Article (3) of this Order.

Article (6):

The documents required to be attached to the records shall be scanned in (Joint Photographic Experts Group/JPEG) format.

Article (7):

The Authority's Chief Executive Officer shall implement this Order which shall come into force on the date following its publication in the Official Gazette.

Dr. Majeed bin Muhsin Al Alawi
Minister of Labour
Chairman of Labour Market Regulatory Authority

Issued on:
20 Shawwal 1428 Hijra
Corresponding to 1 November 2007.

Last Update: Thursday 2 March 2023