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Other Fees

Fees for other services provided by LMRA are collected as follows:

Other LMRA Services Fees
No. Service Fees BHD
1 Recruitment Agencies Deposit for Each Expatriate Employee BHD 200
2 Employment Offices Deposit BHD 10,000
3 Domestic Deposit BHD 500
4 New Recruitment Agencies Office Licence BHD 500
5 Renewal Recruitment Agencies Office Licence BHD 100
6 New Employment Office Licence BHD 200
7 Renewal Employment Office Licence BHD 100
8 According to the provisions of the resolution number (1) for the year 2017, a service charge will be charged for the following services:
  1. Employer registration of his establishments.
  2. Issuing, renewing and cancellation of the work permit for all permit types.
  3. Registration of absence from work notification.
  4. Increasing the number of work permits.
  5. Residency and entry permits for the employee dependents and the foreign employer.
9 Applying at LMRA Premises at the Executive Services Centre BHD 20*
10 Applying at Businessman or Investor Selected Premises BHD 50*

* For each service.

Last Update: 20-03-2024.