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New Work Permit

Through this service, employers can submit a request for issuing a new work permit for expatriate employees to be hired on their commercial registrations.

Service Conditions

Required Documents

New Work Permit Required Documents
No. Document Document Type
1 Expatriate Employee’s passport Copy
  • The passport should have all the information and alterations or updates and First Name in addition to Father or Family must be written on the 1st page of the passport in all Employment/Dependant Applications.
    As well as the page that states the father or spouse’s name (for Indian and Pakistani nationalities) as well as the page that contains the old passport number.
  • The passport must be valid for at least 6 months, but it is highly recommended to have it valid for at least 2 years before applying.
2 For non-commercial institutions and non-governmental organizations: valid license from the concerned authority Copy
3 For private sector: Latest paid electricity bill
  • If the electricity is not your responsibility (for example: shops in Malls, or electricity paid by the landlord), you will need to attach the lease contract as proof.
  • 3 months should not have elapsed from the electricity bill’s issue date.
  • Supply address in the bill must match the CR’s address.
  • Should not be a disconnection notice.
4 Expatriate Employee ID card, if available Copy
5 Employment contract or employment agreement between the employer and the expatriate employee Copy
  • The contract is mandatory. It should be in Arabic (or a bilingual contract that includes Arabic) on the company’s letterhead or on a government paper.
  • It must include the commercial registration's name and number, the duration of the contract be it 1 year or 2 years, name of the expatriate employee as per passport, passport number, nationality, occupation, salary, employment, and notice periods.
  • It should be signed by the employer and the expatriate employee and (should bear the seal/ stamp of the employer on the company’s letterhead).
6 Medical check-up report for the expatriate employee, done in his/her home or current country of residence Copy
  • The report or certificate should not be older than three months from the issue date.
  • If you are applying for an expatriate employee who is out of the Kingdom of Bahrain, the medical report must be issued by one of the accredited health centres by the Ministry of Health as published on LMRA’s website Authorized Health Centres.
  • In the absence of an accredited centre in the residential city or country of the expatriate employee, a Non Wafid medical checkup form available on LMRA’s website must be filled and stamped from any official medical centre.
  • Certificate of medical examination is not required if the employee is residing in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • Medical check-up is not required for dependents (family members).
7 Resident Permit is required if the expatriate employee is residing in another country Copy
8 Intention to transfer form (terminated Work Permit) PDF (120 MB) from LMRA website Copy of the Intention to transfer form for in the Kingdom of Bahrain expatriate employees with terminated work permits.
9 Approval letter/ no-objection certificate from the relevant authority for certain specialized occupations. (for example, teachers, doctors, engineers, designations in the banking sector) Copy
10 If the expatriate employee is already terminated and his grace period is expired, then you will need to obtain an extension of the grace period from NPRA Copy of grace period receipt.
11 If the expatriate has entered Kingdom of Bahrain on a visit visa Copy of the visit visa (must be valid). In case it has expired already, then it should first be renewed to enable the employer to apply a new work permit for the expatriate worker.

Process Description

  1. Click here to login to the LMRA EMS system and start the process of applying for a new work permit.
  2. Click on New Work Permit folder, and then click on New Expatriate Permit.
    Choose the Work Visa Type and enter the required data in the designated fields. Permit period chosen should match the period appearing in the employment contract.
  3. Once you submit the application, an application ID will be issued and a notification will appear (Application has been successfully submitted, kindly pay the admin fees, as the application will be cancelled if the fees are not paid before the invoice due date).
  4. Kindly pay the admin fees either via the Expat Management System (EMS) or by visiting one of the accredited banks.
  5. Upon completion of the admin fees payment, the application will automatically be transferred for verification.
  6. You can check the application status by:
  7. After receiving the approval on the new work permit, pay the fees via the Expat Management System (EMS) or by visiting one of the accredited banks.
  8. Print the work permit from the EMS system.
  9. If the expatriate employee you applied for is out of the Kingdom of Bahrain then the Residence Permit should be printed by the employer via Kingdom of Bahrain's National Portal once the expatriate arrives.
  10. If the expatriate employee you applied for is residing in the Kingdom of Bahrain, then you will need to print the Residence Permit via Kingdom of Bahrain's National Portal or you can contact 8000 8001.

Legal Regulations


Processing Time

Service Access

New Work Permit Service Access
Service Counter Headquarters, Executive Services, Mina Salman, Seef Mall - Al Muharraq and Riffa – Al Buhair
EMS system
Contact Centre +973 17506055

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