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Payment Methods

Available payment methods:

Work permit: will be issued, renewed or transferred after paying the fees imposed on the employer and monthly fees must be settled on time to avoid the cancellation of all work permits, through the following, currently available payment methods:

  1. Online via the LMRA website, by accessing the EMS system. Through LMRA Website.
    • Login to your account using the PIN code provided by LMRA and select the establishment that you wish to pay for.
    • In the main menu, click on Transactions List from the Billing category.
    • In the (Transaction Type) drop list choose the type of the transactions you would like to pay, choose Monthly, if you would like to pay for the monthly fees and click the Get List button.
    • A list of the transactions that need payment will appear. From the list, choose and tick the transactions that you wish to pay for, then click on the Pay Selected button.
    • Confirm the amount by clicking Confirm Payment button.
    • Enter your credit or debit card details and click the Submit button.
    • A confirmation of your payment should appear, you can print this page for future records.
  2. By writing a cheque in favour of LMRA and mail it to P.O.Box 18673 - Collection Department - and make sure to write the C.R number and telephone number in the back of the cheque and accompanied by the invoice tear off portion. In case of cheque payments, make sure that each CR is paid by a separate cheque. Cheques received for deposits are subject to final payment by the drawee bank.
  3. By going to one of the banks branches accredited by LMRA, which accept payment in either cash or by cheque.


Customers can pay fees through the below banks:

Labour Registration Program Payment Channels:

Payment may be made by the Registered Worker for the prescribed fees at:

Registered Worker Payment Methods
Payment Method
SADAD online payment and all Kiosks in various areas, the Kiosks are also available in: SADAD
Cash payment: BFC Payments
BFC Payments
Online payment channels:

For more information about Labour Registration Centres, kindly visit the following link: List of Approved Labour Registration Centres

Last Update: 20-03-2024.