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Work Permits Ceiling Increase

Through this service, employers can request for increasing the ceiling number of work permits. The increase can be up to 6 or 10 work permits depends on the CR activity.

Required Documents

Work Permits Ceiling Increase Required Documents
No. Document Document Type
1 Recent bank statement of the establishment (not older than 6 months) Copy
2 Photos from the interior and the exterior of the establishment premises Copy
3 Proof of work volume (example: awarded project's contracts supported with construction permits if the company is working in the construction sector, or invoices of imported products from outside the Kingdom of Bahrain, supported by the customs invoices if the company is working in the retail import and export sector, or copies of vehicles ownership owned by the company if the company is working in the transport sector, or customs papers verifying the shipment of goods if the company is working in loading and unloading activities - Depends on the CR activity) Copy

Process Description

  1. Submit a request for ceiling increase via LMRA Expat Management System (EMS) or by visiting client services front offices.
  2. If the application is submitted:
    • By Walkin (Personally attending Client Services): once the ceiling upgrade application is submitted, the service employee will inform the client that he/ she will need to pay the the admin fees (Either on counter by using the Point of Sale (POS) machine, or via his E-Key on Expat Management System (EMS) or in one of the accredited banks).
    • Via Expat Management System (EMS): once the ceiling increase request is submitted, a notification will appear (Application has been successfully submitted, kindly pay the admin fees, as the application will be cancelled if the fees are not paid before the invoice due date).
  3. Kindly pay the admin fees either via the Expat Management System (EMS) or in one of the accredited banks.
  4. Upon completion of the admin fees payment, the application will automatically be transferred for verification.
  5. You can check the application status by:


Processing Time

Service Access

Work Permits Ceiling Increase Service Access
Service Counter Headquarters, Mina Salman, Seef Mall - Al Muharraq
EMS system
Contact Centre +973 17506055

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