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Duties and jurisdiction


A- The Chief Executive shall represent the Authority before the courts ‎of law, and in its relations with third parties. The chief executive shall ‎be accountable to the Board of Directors for the ‎technical, administrative and financial performance of the Authority in ‎accordance with the provisions of this Act , orders, regulations and ‎resolutions issued in implementation thereof, and shall specifically ‎perform the following functions:‎

  1. Manage the Authority, direct its affairs and supervise the conduct of ‎its business and of the Authority’s employees, who must adhere to his ‎instructions, directions and orders.
  2. Implement the resolutions of the Board of Directors.‎
  3. Prepare and follow up the work regulations of the Authority ‎according to the directions of the Board of Directors.‎
  4. Prepare the Authority’s budget bill and a report thereon and submit ‎both to the Board of Directors.‎
  5. Prepare the Authority’s final accounts and a report thereon and ‎submit both to the external auditor within one month of the end of the ‎Authority’s fiscal year.‎
  6. Prepare an annual report on the Authority’s activities during the ‎past fiscal year in compliance with the form and method stipulated by ‎the Board of Directors and submit such report, to the Board of ‎Directors within a maximum of one month as from the date of the Audit ‎Committee’s submission of its report referred to in clause (C) of Article ‎‎21 of this Act, provided that a copy of the Authority’s audited accounts ‎for the same year, is attached therewith. A summary of the ‎aforementioned annual report and a Summary of its audited accounts ‎shall, immediately upon their adoption by the Board of Directors, be ‎published in the Official Gazette and a minimum of two daily local ‎newspapers, one published in Arabic and the other in English. The full ‎annual report shall be published by any of the means specified by the ‎Board of Directors, in a manner that makes its perusal accessible for all.‎
  7. Prepare a draft of the Authority’s organizational structure and ‎present same to the Board of Directors.‎
  8. Prepare the draft of the national labour market plan and present it to ‎the Board of Directors.‎
  9. Prepare and present to the Board of Directors regular quarterly ‎reports on the authority’s activities, the progress of its business and its ‎achievements pursuant to the set plans and programs, as well as reports ‎on the performance impediments and solutions proposed to avoid them, ‎unless the Board of Directors decided a shorter period for submission of ‎such reports.‎
  10. Exercise other functions and duties authorized to him under the ‎provisions of this Act, the rules, regulations, resolutions issued in ‎implementation thereof, or functions assigned to him by the Board of ‎Directors.‎

B- The Chief Executive may – in accordance with the rules specified by ‎the regulations - delegate in writing to any employee of the Authority, ‎some of his functions, in a way that secures the conduct of the ‎Authority’s affairs in the appropriate manner.‎

Last Update: 20-03-2024.