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Chapter Two: Board Of Directors
Article (6)

a. The Authority shall have a Board of Directors to be formed by a decree, consisting of nine members, including the Board Chairman, as follows:

  1. Four members representing the Government who shall be selected by the Prime Minister.
  2. A member named by the Economic Development Board.
  3. Two members shall be selected among the candidates who are nominated by the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  4. Two members shall be selected from among candidates who are nominated by the unions federations of Bahrain workers, provided that they are Bahraini citizens, who have paid their subscriptions as per the provisions of Social Insurance Law, promulgated by Legislative Decree No. (24) of 1976.

The nominations mentioned in the two items (3) and (4) of the preceding paragraph shall be submitted to the Council of Ministers for the selection of representatives for each entity.

While nominating candidates as members to the Board of Directors , the elements of integrity, efficiency and appropriate experience shall be taken into account*.

b. If none of the two mentioned entities referred to in the two items (3) and (4) of the preceding paragraph, fail to nominate any member within thirty days from the date of receiving the notification to nominate representatives on their behalf, a board of directors may be formed based on the nomination of the Minister of two members from each entity.

c. The term of office of the Board of Directors shall be four years, subject to renewal once for a similar period. However, for the first board of directors the term of office of the chairman of the board and four of its members shall be four years, and the membership of the remaining shall be three years. The decree that shall be issued regarding the formation of the board of directors shall determine the membership period of each.

d. The board of directors shall elect a vice chairman to replace the chairman in his absence, or anything the may hinder him to attend, or if his position became vacant. The vice chairman shall continue in his position until the end of the period of his office.

e. If a position of one of the members of the board of directors shall become vacant for any reason, he shall be replaced by a new member in the same way and manner provided for in paragraphs (a) and (b) of this Article. The new member shall complete the term of his predecessor. If the term was less than one year, his membership may be renewed twice subsequently.

f. The member of board of directors shall not be relieved from his position before the expiry of his office, only by a decree, upon a recommendation of the board of directors issued by the majority of its members, after listening to member’s opinion regarding what has been attributed to him. This in case of serious breach by the member of his position’s duties, failure to perform the same, or breach of trust and good conduct.

g. Membership of the Board of Directors and membership of the Labour Fund Board of Director may not be combined, or between it and any position at the Authority or the Labour Fund.

h. The remuneration of the chairman and members of the Board of Directors shall be determined by a decree.


* The provisions of paragraph (a) of Article (6), has been amended as a result of Article One of Law No. (18) of 2015.


Last Update: 20-03-2024.