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Inspection and judicial arrest


A- The Authority’s inspectors appointed by the Chief Executive to carry ‎out inspections and checks with regard to the execution of the ‎provisions of this Act, orders, regulations and decisions issued in ‎implementation thereof, shall have the following powers:‎

  1. To enter the work premises, branches and offices of employers, ‎Recruitment (Manpower) agencies, employment offices and other ‎related sites.‎
  2. To peruse records relating to foreign workers.‎
  3. To check work permits and the identity of foreign workers.‎
  4. To request data, documents and information required from ‎employers, Recruitment (Manpower) agencies and employment offices, ‎their representatives, or officials responsible for their actual administration.‎

B- Employers, Recruitment agencies and employment offices, their ‎representatives, or officials responsible for their actual administration ‎must not obstruct the Authority’s inspectors in the performance of their ‎duties, and must provide them with the correct documents, data and ‎information required for the performance of their duties, within a ‎reasonable period, as specified by the inspectors.‎

C- Officers authorized by the Minister of Justice - in agreement with ‎the relevant minister - shall have arresting powers with regards to the ‎crimes provided for, under this Act which come within their jurisdiction ‎and are related to their duties.‎ Reports drawn up in connection to such crimes shall be referred to the ‎attorney general pursuant to a decision issued by the Chief Executive.‎

Last Update: 20-03-2024.