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Grievances against decisions



A- All persons concerned may file a grievance against any decision ‎issued in accordance with the provisions of this Act within 30 days as ‎from the date of their notification of such a decision .‎ Grievances against decisions issued under the provisions of Article (38) ‎of this Act shall be submitted to the minister in charge of the ‎Commercial Registry, the grievances against‎. decisions issued by the Board of Directors shall be submitted to that ‎Board of Directors, and grievances against other decisions shall be ‎submitted to the Chief Executive.‎ Grievances shall be considered and the person filing the grievance shall ‎be notified by the decision thereupon, within 30 days as from the date of ‎of filing.‎
The person filing a grievance may appeal such decision before the ‎competent court within 30 days of notification of such decision or the ‎expiry of the period specified for considering the grievance without ‎notification of the person filing it, of the result of the consideration of ‎his grievance.‎

B- Appeals shall not be filed before the courts until a grievance has been ‎filed against the decision, and a decision rejecting the grievance has ‎been issued, or the period referred to in the above Paragraph, had ‎elapsed without notification.‎

Last Update: 20-03-2024.