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Scope and application of the act‎


A- Without violation to any international treaty in force in the Kingdom, the Provisions of this Act, shall apply with regard to the establishment and regulation of the Authority, and with regard to work permits, licenses of Recruiting (Manpower) Agencies, employment offices and foreign business proprietors licenses conducting work in the Kingdom.

B- The provisions of this Act shall not apply to the following categories:

  1. Non civilian foreigners employed by the Bahrain Defense Force, the National Guard and all other security institutions in the Kingdom.
  2. Foreigners who visit the Kingdom, for temporary assignments, for a temporary duration, of Less than 15 days , for purposes such as,bazaars, fairs, festivals , carnivals and other activities, in accordance with conditions specified by the Authority.
  3. Foreigners who are members or administrators of diplomatic, consular and international missions, within the limits of the mission work.
Last Update: 20-03-2024.