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A- The Board of Directors shall convene meetings at least four times per ‎year. The chairman may call for an extraordinary meeting at any time.‎
The Chairman shall invite the Board of Directors for an extraordinary ‎meeting, to be held fifteen days after receiving a written request from ‎the Minister or from a minimum of two Board members, the Chief ‎Executive or from the external auditors appointed under the provisions ‎of clause A of Article 19 of this Act. Such request should specify the ‎reasons for holding an extraordinary meeting.‎

B- Notice of invitations to convene a meeting shall in all events include a ‎statement of its purpose and enclose the meeting’s agenda.‎

C- The chief executive shall attend all the meetings of the Board of ‎Directors except under the circumstances set out in the internal ‎regulations. The Board of Directors may invite any expert or interest ‎parties to hold discussions and hear their opinions. Such invitees are not ‎eligible to cast votes.‎

D- The Board of Directors shall appoint a secretary who shall prepare ‎the agenda for the Board of Directors’ meetings, record the minutes, ‎keep all documents related to the Board of Directors, and exercise all ‎other functions assigned to him/her by the Board of Directors that ‎relate to the Authority’s work‎

Last Update: 20-03-2024.