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Administrative closure


The Minister in charge of the Commercial Register, upon the ‎recommendation of the Chief Executive Officer, shall issue a resolution ‎specifying the grounds, for the order of suspension of any commercial ‎or industrial establishment or the administrative closure of its premises ‎for a period , not exceeding six month, in any of the following ‎circumstances:

  1. The establishment obtained a work permit for a foreign worker who ‎is proven to have engaged in work with agreement of such ‎establishment and in contravention of the terms of the permit.‎
  2. The establishment employed a foreign worker in contravention of ‎Paragraph B of Article23 of this Act.‎

The Minister in charge of the commercial register shall issue, in ‎coordination with the relevant Minister, a decision with regard to the ‎rules and procedure for the suspension of businesses and the ‎administrative closure of premises.‎

Last Update: 20-03-2024.