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In cases, where the commitment of offences have not been repeated, a ‎conciliation may be achieved in connection with the crime specified in ‎paragraph B of Article 23 of this Act by payment of the minimum fine ‎specified for such crime.‎The officer filing the report with regard to such violation shall, after ‎confronting the offender with his violation, offer‎ Conciliation and shall record such offer in the report. Offenders ‎desirous to conclude conciliation must settle the minimum amount of ‎fine within seven working days, as from the offer of conciliation.‎

The above procedure shall take place in accordance with the rules and ‎procedures set out in a decision issued by the Board of Directors.‎

The criminal claim and all its effects shall be rendered null and void ‎immediately upon payment of the full amount of the settlement.‎

Last Update: 20-03-2024.