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Supervision by the minister



A- The authority shall submit to the minister regular reports of its ‎activities, the progress of its affairs, achievements, specification of ‎obstacles and the approved solutions to avoid such obstacles. The ‎minister may ask the authority to provide him with any data, ‎information, resolutions, minutes, records or reports necessary for his ‎supervision of the Authority’s activities.‎

B- Without violation to the Authority’s independence in exercising its ‎functions and duties under the provisions of this Act, the minister shall ‎monitor the authority’s adherence to the provisions of Act and the government’s directions with regards to ‎the labour market, and to what extent, the authority is exercising its ‎functions effectively and efficiently, within the Limits of available financial resources.‎

C- If the Minister finds that some of the Authority’s activities breach ‎the provisions of this Act or the directions of the government with ‎regards to the labour market, or the authority has failed to exercise its ‎role efficiently and effectively, the minister shall notify the Board of ‎Directors in writing of his findings and what he deems fit. If the Board ‎insisted on its opinion, the matter will be submitted to the Cabinet to ‎resolve the differences and issue a resolution within 30 days, as from the ‎date of such submission.‎

D- The Minister shall be responsible before the council of ‎representatives with regard to his supervision over the activities of the ‎Authority.‎

Last Update: 20-03-2024.