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Expiration and cancellation of permits


A- Permits issued to foreign employers, under the provisions of Article ‎‎(31) of this Act shall expire at the end of their duration unless renewed ‎in accordance with the provisions of this Act.‎

B- The Authority shall cancel such permits prior to their expiry date in ‎any of the following circumstances:‎

  1. If it is proved that a foreign employer had obtained the permit on the ‎basis of false documents or information.‎
  2. If the foreign employer ceases to comply with one or more of the ‎conditions for issuing the permit.‎
  3. If a final criminal judgment is passed against a foreign employer in a ‎felony or crime that violates honour or honesty.‎
  4. The death of the foreign employer.‎
  5. If the foreign employer requested in writing the cancellation of the ‎permit.
Last Update: 20-03-2024.