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Expiration and cancellation of work permits


A- A Work permit shall expire at the end of its duration unless renewed ‎in accordance with the provisions of this Act:‎.

B- The Authority shall cancel work permits issued to workers prior to ‎their expiry in any of the following circumstances:‎

  1. The permit was obtained on the basis of false documents or ‎information.‎‎
  2. The employee ceases to comply with one or more of the conditions for ‎granting the permit.‎
  3. A final criminal judgment is passed against the employee for a felony ‎or a crime that violates honor or honesty.‎
  4. Violation by the workers of the terms under which his work permit ‎was issued.‎
  5. The liquidation of the employer’s business, declaration of his ‎bankruptcy, cancellation of his Commercial registration or the ‎termination of his license to practice commercial activity.‎
  6. Death of the employer who had obtained the work permit, unless one ‎of his heirs applied for renewal of the permit within 6 months.‎
  7. A written request from the employer to cancel the permit.‎
  8. Failure of the employer to pay the fees and other payments due to the ‎Authority in connection with the permit for a period exceeding three ‎months after such payments’ due date with out a plausible excuse.‎
  9. A worker being infected with a contagious disease, which obliges for ‎his expulsion from the country as specified in a decision issued by the ‎Minister for Health.‎
Last Update: 20-03-2024.