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Conditions and procedure for issuing permits


A- Employers wishing to employ foreign workers must submit an ‎application to the Authority for the issuance of a work permit for such ‎an employee in accordance with the procedure set out in a resolution ‎issued by the Authority, in this respect.‎ A work permit issued to an employer shall be related personally to the ‎employment for a specific worker and shall not be assigned to third ‎parties.‎

B- The issuance of work permits for foreign workers shall be subject to ‎the following conditions:‎

  1. The employer shall settle all fees and payments due to the Authority ‎in connection with work permits.‎
  2. The employer should not be found to have failed to settle payments ‎due to workers.‎
  3. The employer shall submit all documents, data and information ‎specified in the Board of Directors resolution.‎
  4. The foreign worker must be medically fit and free of contagious ‎diseases.‎
    The Minister of Health, in coordination with the Board of Directors, ‎shall issue a resolution to regulate the conditions of foreign workers’ ‎medical fitness and freedom from contagious diseases.
  5. Fulfillment of the other conditions determined by a resolution issued ‎by the Board of Directors.‎
Last Update: 20-03-2024.