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Foreign workers return transport expenses


A-‎ Upon the termination of the employment relationship, the expiry ‎or the cancellation of the work permit, the last employer for ‎whom the work permit was issued shall be obliged to incur the ‎transport expenses of the foreign worker’s transport to the place, ‎specified in the contract of employment. If the contract of ‎employment, did not specify such a location, the employer shall ‎bear the cost of the transport of the foreign worker to a location, ‎to which he belongs by nationality.‎
Such employers shall also bear the expenses of preparing and ‎transporting the corpse of a deceased foreign worker to the place of his ‎origin or to the place of residence should his family so requested.‎

B- If an employer employs a foreign worker without obtaining a permit, ‎the obligation to incur expenses referred to in the above Paragraph ‎shall shift to such an employer.‎

C- In cases requiring the deportation of a foreign worker, and in the ‎event of such worker’s death, the relevant department in the Ministry of ‎Interior shall undertake the deportation or corpse transportation, if ‎applicable, at the Authority’s expense.‎
The Authority shall refer to the employer for reimbursement of the ‎expenses resulting there from.‎

Last Update: 20-03-2024.